April 24, 2019


Have you ever seen Honey Bee taking rest, Have you ever seen Ants taking Rest, Have you ever seen Spiders taking Rest. Likewise, people who have created History, People who have imprinted their names in this world, People who are remembered always in this world even today because of their inventions for the benefit of society. They NEVER REST. But that does not mean that they do not eat, they do not sleep, they do not complete their morning chores, they do not do their day to day work. BUT REMEMBER THERE IS A HELL OF A LOT of  DIFFERENCE BETWEEN " EAT TO LIVE OR LIVE TO EAT". CHOICE IS YOURS.

If you are feeling tired mentally "Never Rest" calm down and relax only. If you are feeling tired physically "Never Rest" unwind & soften yourself. If you are feeling dejected because of non-achievement "Never Rest" try try try again TO ACHIEVE. If you are feeling rundown "Never Rest" put on the music which you like the best & dance for 5 minutes. If you are feeling grouchy and grumpy "Never Rest" just clap for 11 times. If you are feeling cranky & quarrelsome "Never Rest" just laugh loudly for 2 times.

If you want to achieve the number one position in your profession may it be in a job or may it be in your own enterprise. NEVER REST. Because it is your own body with which you can create & make history by molding your body & mind by working hard throughout the day & night.


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