September 6, 2013

Luck & Destiny

I was not  that Lucky & it was Destined & had to happen. If you want to be number one in your job, in your  business, in your various projects in whichever professional field you are in, than please dismiss from your mind, condone & forget these two words. That does not mean also that I am conveying preaching or telling you to become an atheist. Have faith in GOD whichever sect you belong, Have faith in praying. There is a very popular saying "GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES".

This clearly means that get up in the good morning with a lot of motivation in the  morning to do your task assigned to you in the job, task planned by you to procure business from your client or customer, task for your projects in whichever professional field you are in, you have to first work for yourself.

All these needs your lot of planning in the morning itself, your setting of  professional bag or briefcase depending upon the needs or demand of your customer, your collection of various documents to be provided to your customer to convince about your product, your  reconfirming of appointment with your  customer, your list of customers you have to met today, your route planning for reaching out to customer ,procuring & supplying of the order of the  customer & many more tasks. For all these tasks you have to  slog, you have to be  workalcohlic, go getter & above all physically & mentally vigilant & agile. So doing your tasks daily through out the day & day after day is your luck & destiny.

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  1. Thats Great !
    I have posted your blogs link on my twitter account.
    Seee the tweet !

  2. Hemant thanks for your comment & thanks for including my blog MotivationalMornings in your twitter account

  3. WooOoo!!! I'm being your regular reader sir.... as your post really inspire me alot

    happy blogging :)

  4. Yes...I do think sometimes you are destined to suffer...put up a brave face and try to be happy rather than cry and suffer through it.

  5. I believe take life as it comes instead of bothering what will happen next

  6. This is what is called as facing bravely and thanks for your comments.