August 31, 2013


To be number one in your job, in your business or whatever your professional field you are in- you have to be honest about your company,  honest about your product, honest about your project, honest about your job depending upon responsibility assigned to you,  honest about advantages & disadvantages about your products & projects,  honest about the various commitments given to your clients & customers,  honest in financial dealings with your clients & customers.

Because people who have reached ,attained & maintained  number one position for their products, for their projects, for their companies, for their job responsibilities, they all were &  are absolutely honest in their business dealings with their clients & customers. Manipulative, deceitful, wrong information percolated to your clients & customers will lead to very short & unsteady achievements of your products & projects which will not last long. So always BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT ADVANTAGES.

August 30, 2013

NO Wastage

Wastage is one of the very detrimental negative situation in the company which should be nullified & stopped immediately. In your job, in your business you can not afford to have wastage of your resources, wastage of your energy, wastage of your time, wastage of  your efforts, wastage of your production, wastage-loss-theft of promotional material to be presented before various clients & customers, wastage of your hard labour put in by you in the preparation of various presentations to be presented before various clients & customers with regards to your products & company,direct wastage of finance by spending it in huge amounts whereas with lesser finance better options are available, wastage of finance by surpassing the budget with no extra gain neither in sales nor in  profitability of the company, wastage of your labour or the labour of staff by not providing them with  adequate, sufficient work.

So wastage in the form of Finances, Resources, Labour of the company to be stopped immediately without any further delay. WASTAGE HAS TO BE CONVERTED INTO WEIGHTAGE to all these important aspects & factors of the company to be number one in the job, in the  business. 

August 28, 2013

Beware of Procrastinator

Never ever Procrastinate & never ever remain in the company of procrastinator. Procrastination is the one trait  which is not only negative but pull you down the ladder in which ever position you are  in job & pull your business downwards.

To pursue you to defer your action, to drag the discussions without any results, showing hesitation in achieving the targets, postponement of well planned business meetings,   deliberately  retarding the growth by selecting wrong clients or customers, suspending important meetings with the clients & customers, sometimes trying to stall the meetings with clients & customers, dilly dallying in the office or in field to do actual work, loitering in the field or even in the office instead of doing &  completing  the  work assigned, poking in others work, unnecessary lingering the task to be done immediately.  

These are the few traits of procrastinators. Do not allow in your company if you are in business & do not be in their company if you are in the job, otherwise your downfall is certain & sure.

Sleep Well

Sleep Well & take a daily dose of good night sleep before you start your professional day minimum for 4 to 6 hrs. Sleep rejuvenates & re energises physical & mental faculties & once again you are ready with full of strength, stamina & energy to start for the day to achieve your highest goal i.e. to be number one in whichever  professional field you are in.

Imagine a situation when you are talking, explaining, deliberating with your customer, client about  your product, your project, your brand & during your description of your product, your project & your brand you are Yawning again & again in front of your client, customer because you did not had sufficient &  adequate sleep last night on previous day.

Than tell me frankly are you going to convince & sell your product, your brand, your project to your client, customer when you are Yawning , answer is simple no  not at all. So without any inhibition Sleep Well. Sleep Well can be 4hrs for some , Sleep Well can be 6hrs for some , Sleep Well can be 8hrs for some depending upon various individuals.

But definitely it is a very important & essential fuel of the human body to be filled up every day, so that you carry out & complete your days work & achieve & accomplish your targets in job & in business to be number one in whichever professional field you are in. 

August 27, 2013

Be A Drum Beater


Drum beater beats the drum with excellent rhythm & enormous strength.Drum beater never misses the rhythm & with a full strength  beats the drum. You have to be a drum beater when you want to achieve number one position in job, in business & which ever professional field you are in.

Your rhythm denotes your preparation, your planning & your deep laid plan, your prudence, your foresight, your handling of customers in job, in business or in various projects you are carrying on.

Your strength denotes  your repeated  visits & meetings with clients till success is achieved, your relation with the clients,your service to the clients even at personal level if client permits, your deep & through knowledge about your products & projects, your awareness about the activities of your competitors, your talking & listening power i.e. you have to be a good listener, your presentation for your product or project it has to be one up as compare to the competitor.

All this has to achieved by you by becoming a terrific, untiring & formidable Drum Beater to be number one in your job, in your business, in handling your projects, whichever professional field you are in. 

August 25, 2013

Never Say 'NO'

Always explain to your client, customer or purchaser on the various queries  raised by them. But Never Say 'NO'. If you have returned late & your spouse asks you why you are late explain Never  Say 'NO'. If your boss asks you to go & procure order Never Say 'NO', if your business partner suggest you to control expenses of your business firm Never Say 'NO'. Because 'NO' radiates negative energy, Because 'NO' radiates ones incapability & incapacity to do the job, Because 'NO' emits the intentions of ineffectuality.   

In general 'NO' denotes that either you are avoiding, bypassing, hindering, hiding, insulting, sometime unknowingly running away from the achievement which you could have easily achieved in you job,  business, various projects in your professional field.

But definitely say 'NO' fearlessly to  anticompany, anticountry, illegal business, illegal trade, illegal projects, any illegal activities, deeds or acts being pursued or forced on to you in your job, business which ultimately harm the business interests of your company  and  harm to your beloved country as a whole.

August 24, 2013

Full of Energy

When you wake up in the morning you have to be  Full of Energy(Energy Full) for the total success  during the day in your job, in your business, in whichever professional field you are working for. Definitely it has to be a positive Energy(Energy Full).

Energy(Energy Full) is one of the  ingredient of Morning Motivations which makes you dashing, indefatigable,  dynamic. All the working 5 days or 6 days in a week your body, your super agile mental faculties, your achievements, your work, your interactions with the various clients during the day, your various professional  presentations needs Energy(Energy Full). So generate & conserve the Energy (Energy Full)  in you. If you have to be number one in your job, in your business, in whichever professional field you are working you can not afford to loose or waste Energy (Energy Full) on trivial issues & matters.

Channelise  your Energy(Energy Full) for accomplishing your targets in the job, procuring business from the clients in your business,  for completion of various projects in your professional field. Energy(Energy Full) makes you vivacious, vibrant, alert & ultimately you achieve number one position  in your job, in your business, in whichever professional field you are working for.  

August 23, 2013


Fire is one of the most important ingredient for astounding & overwhelming  success, to be number one, to achieve the heights which no body has achieved till date - be it be in your job, be it be in your business or be it be in your projects in your professional field. Lets us illuminate the Fire inside us. Because Fire in you motivates you, Fire in you emanates energy for  you, Fire in you makes way for you to achieve what you have planned, Fire in you ignites your positive thoughts so that you go in the right direction of achieving your targets. But the Fire must be ignited, should be ignited with full & very high flame so that it totally burns away the negative thoughts & thinking, negative attitude,negative perception of  various hard & difficult situations while handling your customers.

Fire inside you to achieve the targets in your job, in your business & in your any of your professional field has to be evoked . Never ever the Fire in us  should be doused with lethargy, dullness, inactivity. Rather the flame inside you should burn with full  fervor  & intensity to achieve the number one position in your profession.  

August 19, 2013


You have made excellent planning, superb strategies & unmatched customer  relations. But until & unless you perform-perform & perform, the success of achievement of your target in job, in your business or in whatever your professional field can not be accomplished. So get ready & execute your plannings, strategies & enjoy the fruit of ultimate result of performance i.e.achieving your targets in your professional field & reap the crop of being number One in your profession.

Without performance your job, your business, your projects will be like a aircraft without a Pilot, like a class without a Teacher, like a  Romeo  without a  lover, like a Book without title &  cover, like a Athlete without sport shoes, like a Ship in the sea without captain & radar . So do not wait & implement my slogan to be number one in any professional field i.e.


August 18, 2013

Relaxation - Week End

Relaxation--Week End is one of the very essential ingredients of Morning  Motivations. It is like declaring the end of Working week & you are in the company of your friends or family members or even alone but only Relaxation. Without relaxation the success in your businesses, jobs, projects is going to be jeopardised.

Like a best cars in this world even Formula 1 car which speeds at 300Kms or more needs some time for overalling  i.e. relaxation, needs refilling of fuel. Relaxation is filling of fuel for the whole oncoming next week. For working  week means 5 days for some,6 days for some. That is why Relaxation--- Week End it is one day for some or two days for some. But this refuelling is must, must & must.

Relaxation---Week End can be in the form of a long drive towards  countryside, a long nap, just sitting idle, dancing with your partner, your friend in disc or even in home, a long walk, meditation whichever sect you belong, listening to music, reading  of books ,viewing movies in multiplexes or watching serials in LED in home, cleaning your house alone or along with your family members, having a candle light dinner with your sweetheart, playing with your children, shopping or window shopping in malls & many more other forms of relaxation.

Relaxation in any form is filling your body with vitality, vigour, dynamism & above all high voltage & total success for coming week in your professional field.

August 16, 2013

Want to Excel (Cry Louder)

The day I & you were born in this beautiful world whatever we wanted to achieve we achieved. How a one day old baby can achieve? your next question obviously will be.

As a small baby we all cried(effort) to attract the attention of our mother to have a feed(target) from her howsoever busy she is, whatsoever important work she is doing. But baby's target to have her feed  to be met . If she will take time baby will CRY LOUDER(concentrated efforts). So she has to come & feed the baby(target achieved).

So we have to CRY LOUDER i.e. targeted & concentrated efforts in our job, in our business or in any professional work so that our TARGET/WORK in whichever field we are in, IS ACCOMPLISHED.

August 15, 2013


Nothing in this world can be achieved unless you act & act only in positive direction, with positive thoughts & planning & for positive work. I have wonderful planning with best paraphernalia & amenities available but my act is delayed may be in job, may be in business or may be  in various projects I am undertaking. Than what will happen? Definitely my competitors will act at once, very fast & pounce upon the opportunity & grab the opportunity & I will be lagging behind in my professional  achievements. I have to act with a supersonic speed in this era of tough, rough & cut throat competition in achieving my professional commitments in my job & in my business. I  can not wait, stand & than act. Rather I have to pounce upon the opportunity & act. There is no question of failure if I acted fastly, vigilantly & with full vigour in the right & positive direction for the professional achievements.


August 13, 2013


When you get ready in the morning generally just before leaving the last item you wear are shoes & when you arrive after your days busy, hectic & perspiring schedule  the first item generally you remove is again shoes.

Have we ever thought that wearing shoes in the morning is an indicator, starter & I will say that a big motivator to start & go for your days work. And remember & try this "Do not remove your shoes even you have reached back unless & until your days target is achieved, days work is over, days earnings are earned." It can  be for a students, can be for persons in any type of job, can be for persons in any type of business. Removing shoes means when you reach back that my day is over with regards to my professional work.

"Use the SHOE" in your days work(Ha-Ha-Ha---).Never ever take my "Use the SHOE" in literal sense.Than You must be thinking what I am up to. But the positive "Motivational Mornings" hidden in this Great English word is
If you are a SHOE I am 100%,200%,300%------- sure you are going to be a successful, successful & successful in whichever field you are. No body on this earth can stop your success. 

August 12, 2013

Working Hard & Working Hardly

Always work hard in which ever business, profession, job you are in , because I am of firm belief  that thumping success is a result of 100 percent  perspiration & hard work be it be physical or mental.If you start your morning motivations with fixing today's target of yourself, for yourself & by yourself , to achieve a specific amount of business from your customers,to complete the work in office or to convince your boss for specific project & many more other tasks.At the end of the day you will see that you have done it with your sheer hard work. Because there is no magic wand in this world which help us to do & complete my work without putting my hard work in it. Achievements after lot of hard work & lots of perspiration are long lasting.

Whereas sometimes the short time gains or  achievements are their after working hardly which wither away shortly & leaving behind them huge losses to the business, company or in projects.