September 30, 2013


Knowledge is a wisdom to understand your customer, Knowledge is a power to win over your customer, Knowledge is a prudence to convince your customer, Knowledge is a acumen to analyse your customer & Knowledge is understanding your customer. Knowledge is very important tool to make you number one in job, in your  business or  whatever professional field you are in.

You must have the total Knowledge about the market & area where your customer is based, you must have total  Knowledge about your customer & customer likes & dislikes, you must have total Knowledge about your company, you must have total Knowledge about your product, you must have total Knowledge about your competitors & their products, you must have the total Knowledge of advantages of your product  over competitor product, you must have total Knowledge of advantages of competitor product over your product & you must have the total knowledge to counter these advantages if any of the competitors, you must have the total Knowledge of your customer when to translate the business call of customer into business by procuring orders.

There is a popular quote by Ralph Emerson:

September 27, 2013

Well Dressed

Always remember that when you are visiting your customer for a business & professional call, my dear friends you should be & must be Well Dressed. I never mean here by Well Dressed you have to wear very highly priced branded clothes like of Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss or you have to wear shoes from Nike, Adidas or Armani. But definitely a decent looking clothes, cool coloured, can be even of any local brand & from any local market but well ironed & shoes should not be worn out or pieces coming out or deshaped, can be of any local brand but shoes should be shining & well polished. Your professional bag or briefcase should have very neat & clean looks. Because crumpled clothes, shabby looking shoes & your dirty professional bag will totally jeopardise your business & professional call.

The moment you reach for your business meet with your customer remember the first thing that makes you receptive to your customer is your dress, your attire, the colours of the clothes you are wearing. Well Dressed person in general gives a message of amenable, friendly & open minded personality, Well Dressed person  attracts & incites customer  to talk to you which ultimately starts & leads to a business & professional talk, Well Dressed person is well accepted  & remembered even by the customers because of the dress sense, Well Dressed person is not only appreciated but always remembered by the customers.

There is a popular saying by Sean Hannity: MY WIFE DOES WISH I DRESSED BETTER

September 26, 2013


Confidence in your job, Confidence in your business, Confidence in your projects you have undertaken & Confidence in your professional field whichever you are in & above all Confidence in yourself  is what is going to make you number one in your job, in your business or whichever professional field you are . Do not be over confident & never be less & under confident in yourself, both the traits will take you away from your goal to be number one in job or in business.

You should have Confidence in your profession, in your business which you have adopted & selected; you should have Confidence on your colleagues, on your staff, on your entire team you are working with; you should have Confidence in your product line which you are going to present before your customers; you should have Confidence in your business talk you are going to deliberate before your customers; you must exhibit Confidence when you are giving live demonstration of your product advantages & how it scores over the competitors, to your customers; you must ooze out with Confidence when you are in business meet with your customers; you must bubble with Confidence when you are meeting the genuine & ethical demands of your customer  & You should have total Confidence while demanding the order of your product from your customer. Your Confidence will build up faith, trust & acceptance of your products in the mind of your customer.

There is popular quote by Marcus Garvey:

September 25, 2013

Smiling & Cheerful

If you are always Smiling & Cheerful with your customers despite your customers rough & tough behaviour, despite your customers harsh & sharp words, despite your customers rude & coarse response to your well planned business call, despite your customers ill mannered & inconsiderate treatment , despite your customers annoying & biting answers to you, despite your customers raising unpleasant & unacceptable points about your products. Even than you are always Smiling & Cheerful to your customers. Friends rest assure no body on this earth can stop you becoming number one in your  job, in your  business or whichever professional field you are in.

Smiling & Cheerful  reception of  your customer- makes your customer comfortable  even before you start your professional deliberation with your customer , Smilingly & Cheerfully answering the customer queries how weird, bizarre & offbeat they are- makes your customer relaxing, Smilingly  & Cheerfully demonstrating your products & your products advantages before your customer-makes your customer contended, Smilingly & Cheerfully participating in the business meet with your customers- makes your customers happy & pleased, Smilingly & Cheerfully meeting out the ethical demands of your customer- makes your customer appeased. And ultimately your this trait of dealing your customers Smilingly & Cheerfully will definitely be transformed into results i.e. a sure shot business deal with your customer.

There are very popular quotes:



September 24, 2013

Team Work

Team Work is a very vital , significant & essential  aspect of success, achievement & accomplishment of your goals to be number one in your job, in your business & in your projects or whichever professional field you are in. With coordination, distribution & allocation of work depending upon the capacity & capability of your team members, you will not only achieve your targets & goals very easily but also going to be highly successful in your professional field & you & your company will become a name to reckon with  & achieve a topmost position & ranking not only reputation wise but turnover wise also.

You have to motivate, energise & arouse your entire team members i.e. from rep & up to the level of heads of various departments by patiently listening to their ideas, by prompting them to deal with the customers directly in the field, in customers office or even at the residence of the customers to explain the advantages of your products. You have to inspire your entire team members by giving them incentives in cash or in kind, arranging lunch or dinners for your team members, taking your team members to some exotic place, giving your team members a special gifts on every achievements of theirs.

You have to mix work with a pinch of motivation to arouse a fire inside your entire team members to achieve for your department where you are working or for your company in which you are running your business.

There is a very popular quote by Michel Jordan:

September 23, 2013

Customer is a King or Pawn

Customer was a king, is a king & will always remain a king. Customer can never be a pawn in the hands of various companies & their products. Ultimately it is the customer who decides & take decision about the products to be consumed & used & that to of which company. To win over your customer, to educate your customer, to convert your customer & to convince your customers to use your products only, in such a era of stiff & neck to neck competition locally & globally world over, is what makes you number one in your job, in your business or whichever professional field you are in.

Utmost concern to be exhibited & care should be taken  of your customer & their is no place for annoying your customer rather total contentment of your customer mental & physical by use of ethical means only. Customer should be mentioned, revealed & explained   all the details of your products & advantages of your products & how it scores over competitors products, Customers should be given the  live demonstration of your products, Customers meets should be organised to know the mind & heart of your customers & ultimately the end & final result the order should be procured from your customer of your product. There is one very popular quote by Sam Wilton


September 21, 2013

Never Give Up

You feel the high voltage energy when you read & speak these highly motivating words Never Give Up . Never Give Up the English words itself are self sufficient to explain that  success only come to those who Never Give Up. You can definitely be number one in your job, in your business, in your projects or whichever professional field you are in if you Never Give Up.

Never Give Up- if in the morning you are planning for your business call & suddenly your professional briefcase or bag gets damaged, Never Give Up- if in the morning your ironed clothes gets crumpled & your polished shoes get cracked, Never Give Up-if you are stuck in traffic jam or your vehicle develops some snag, Never Give Up-if you receive a call from your customer that appointment is postponed, Never Give Up- even if  after your well prepared business call  do not fetch you a business, Never Give Up- even if after your genuine & up to date information about the disadvantages about your competitor products customer says no, Never Give Up-even if after fulfilling the ethical demands  your customer says no to your products & Never Give Up-even if your customer kept you waiting long & than a big no.

My dear friends these are all testing times & NEVER GIVE UP. The final victory will be yours.

Remember the popular saying by Babe Ruth "IT IS HARD TO BEAT A PERSON WHO NEVER GIVES UP".

September 19, 2013

Just Do It Today


Just Do It is a very popular phrase coined by one of the leading most brands of the foot wears in world over i.e. Nike. Just do it  when clubbed with today becomes JUST DO IT TODAY. And Just Do It Today becomes the phrase full of motivation , inspiration, stimulation & exaltation to do & to fulfill your tasks, your duties, your assignment & your various responsibilities on day to day basis to become number one in your job, in your business, in your projects or whichever professional field you are in.

Just Do It Today  because your meeting is fixed with your client or customer for today only, Just Do It Today because you have well prepared your product presentation   for your customer for today, Just Do It Today because you have prepared to nullify your competitors products by explaining their disadvantages to your customer today, Must fulfil the demands of your customer i.e. Just Do It Today because your customer have raised certain genuine & ethical demands, Just Do It Today arrange a business meeting at a place of choice of your customer. And Just Do It Today- clinch a business deal or procure a order of your product today only.

Because Just Do It Today if becomes Just Do It Tomorrow. Than you should be miles away from Tomorrow because postponement means killing your project with your own hands. So friends



September 18, 2013

Go Getter

You have to be a Go Getter if you want to be number one in your job, in your business, in your projects or whichever professional field you are in. Remember you were the Go Getter, you are the Go Getter & you will remain the Go Getter. 

Go Getter means you have to be ball of fire & live wire. Your customer must feel the heat & current in your business presentations of your products. 

Go Getter never wait for the opportunity rather Go Getter create opportunity & grab it. You have to create a need for your products in the mind of your customers. 

Go Getter is a work horse & very active & agile personality. Go Getter fulfill various ethical demands of  the customer & organise various meets with the customers.

Go Getter is very potent. Go Getter  have a very powerful, forceful & effective communication of not only  about own products but must also know the killing points about  competitors products.

Go Getter is very dynamic & persuasive. Go Getter will procure & grab the orders  of his products & only than Go Getter will leave the customer's chamber.

Be a Go Getter i.e. enthusiastic, charismatic & energetic

September 17, 2013


 As a small kid you must have liked or disliked your nursery teacher & first maths teacher who were very candidly say number of times "children Repeat" may it be alphabets, may it be counting, may it be different pictures, may it be tables, may it be plus minus multiplication or division sums. It was this technique of Repeat only by our teachers that made us deft in English language, Maths & number of other subjects in school curriculum.
That is why Repeat is another very essential ingredient to win over your customers & clients & achieve success & be number one in your job, in your business or whichever professional field you are in. To make new customers, to retain old customers & to have long lasting professional relations & support  from your customers for your products you have to Repeat.
Now the next question arises Repeat what? Repeat your professional & business call, Repeat your professional presentations of your product, Repeat  your get togethers  with your customers  number of times & in these get togethers never forget to mention & discuss about your products, Repeat the discussion to mention the advantages of your products over various competitors, Repeat the service to the customer by fulfilling customer  ethical professional needs & requirements. And always demand & be ready for Repeat business of your products from your customers.



September 16, 2013

Get Set Go

Get Set Go are the words full of energy & full of motivation. You must repeat these words every morning every time three times before you leave for your job, for your business or whichever professional field you are in. When you repeat Get Set Go you will feel the energy & the fire inside you which provokes you to  perform in your job, in your business; to execute your professional commitments in your job, in your business; to accomplish your professional commitments in you job in your business; with a target to succeed and number one in your job or in your business & ultimately by procuring business for your company in the job or in the business from your customers & clients.

There is a inferno hidden inside Get Set Go:-
GET---->Get up & Get ready
SET---->Set up your professional briefcase
GO----->Go out & meet your customers

Get Set Go  energises & motivates you
Get Set Go stimulates & instigates you
Get Set Go triggers & inspires you

So the  moment you get up in the morning  ignite a spark inside you of  GET SET GO. No body on this earth can stop you to be number one in your job, in your business or whichever professional field you are in.

September 14, 2013

2030 : The Year That Changed Shopping

  • 32/00/2030 25:00 AM
    Thalaiva is beyond Time
    After research by Professor Rajinikanth in the field of Particle Physics , Quantum Mechanics , Quantum Robotics , Quantum Computing and Quantum WhatNot he did the groundbreaking discovery of Long Distance Teleportation (Sources close to Professor tell in reality the Discovery begged Rajinikanth to be discovered by his hands ) .

  • Nanoseconds Later
    We Live In a Hyper Connected World
    This announcement has caused unprecedented levels of traffic on & last seen only when Professor Rajinikanth and Professor Chuck Norris fought chatted.

  • 01 Jan 2030
    Real Dates start now
    The United Useless Engineers Group's (UUEG) President Dr. Viru Sahasrabuddhe has publicly extended a helping hand to Rajinikanth Foundation for developing many useless applications using the discovery (Some of the ideas proposed by UUEG are Panipuri Instant Home Delivery , Dhobi Ironed Clothes Distribution , Newspaper Deliver-a-nator . Insider say UUEG is focusing on indigenous B2C market as the B2B Outsourcing Industry has become unviaible after policy changes )

  • 02 Jan 2030
    The EEDO ( Excessively Expensive Doctors Organization) , CCC ( Certified Criminals Corporation ) and EPAI (Exorbitantly Priced Artists Institution) have also forwarded their proposals to Rajinikanth Foundation.

  • 28 Jan 2030
    With the advent of concept of Teleportation , The Noble Foundation has included the category "Teleportation" which awards individual/Organizations for their outstanding contributions in the field of Teleportation and UPA 7 Government is thinking of introducing Teleportation Tax .

  • 02 Feb 2030
    Rejecting all proposals , Professor Rajinikanth has tied up with EBay India to work on a project which has said to bring a revolution in the Shopping industry. In Case you have forgotten the last time EBay India worked with Rajinikanth in the year 2013 for their Chrome Extension , it became notoriously famous and led to too much profits.

  • After Few Seconds
    Thalaiva works really fast
    News is that EBay India has been successfully able to teleport items of any size , shape and material between two faraway locations. Insiders say this device will be called the "Teleport-a-nator" . EBay is dubbing this to the "last thing that you will ever ship" (because from now on everything will be teleported )

  • 07 May 2030
    Major E-Commerce Players in the market have filed for bankruptcy and are said to be suing Ebay for their demise. One of the Player remarked "The Teleport-a-nator has essentially corroded our business model. We are now unable to make any money from Calculated accidently Loss of Goods during delivery or the hopeless Helpful Customer Service which takes couple of hours minutes to answer customer queries. We will sue EBay for being a elephant among ants"

  • Few Hours Later
    Courts give judgement even before you file a case
    The Supreme Court has rejected the imaginary plea of all the bankrupt companies stating that EBay's actions are directed towards good of the humanity & the claims raised by companies are false , baseless and concocted.

  • 03 Sep 2030
    Some Time Has passed
    Ebay's recent quarterly Earnings have skyrocketed . Reports say that they have 100% Customer Satisfaction and No Lost Goods have been reported , first time in their 35 Years of existence.

And the Rest as they say is History.......

The Superhero of this Revolution is the "Teleport-a-nator" , a hypothetical rubik-cube sized device which is connected to a server within Ebay and is able to receive or send a physical good at a given point of time. Once a person orders via web/mobile/brainwaves , Ebay or the person auctioning the stuff will send the physical good. The only thing being that the person has to make sure there is enough space for the device to project the goods. Even though this idea may look crazy and outlandish , the ability to teleport has long been part of science fiction. The event that led me think about this idea was the recent experiment in which 10,000 bits of data was "teleported" between two points which were six millimeter apart. A surely positive sign of the things to come , now the only thing we have to wait for is the Great Professor Rajinikanth who will make this possible in reality :)

September 13, 2013


Always during meeting, approaching, talking, with  customer your mannerism, your behaviour, your aura should always be like a small child.

Child will always meet with smile-so always meet & greet your customers with a child like innocent smile. Child will never tell a lie-so never tell a lie to your customer or client about your products benefits & advantages. Remember the winning over your customer with your salesmanship, marketing jargon, with your wittiness, genuinely conveying the advantages of your products will build up a long lasting business & professional relations with your customers. Child  is very demanding-so be very demanding from the customer for using your products, Child is very inquisitive-so be very inquisitive in knowing if your customer is using some competitor product, than why your customer is using it. Child is always in the habit of attracting the attention-so always attract the attention of your customer  keep your customer engrossed & involved in your products by giving live demonstration of your products,  arranging get together for your customers, by meeting the ethical & genuine demands of your customer.

And last but not the least Child will never leave empty handed- so never leave without procuring order of your product from your customer or without clinching your business deal with your client.  

September 12, 2013


Initiative is one of the very essential ingredient of your massive success in your job, in your business or whichever professional field you are in. Initiative lit the internal fire in the individual to achieve & motivates you to achieve  number one position in the ladder in your job, in your business or whichever professional field you are in. Initiative is the foundation of your accomplishment, your  achievement, your progress & your consummation of the task assigned to you.

Initiative to take up new tasks & assignments howsoever difficult they are, initiative to seek appointment from your customer or client despite her/his busy & tight schedule, initiative to know your products thoroughly, initiative to know about your client completely, initiative to prepare your business talk about your products intensively, initiative to know your competitor & competitors products  fully, initiative to organise business meetings for your customer, initiative to meet the ethical demands of your customer & ultimately initiative to procure order of your products.

Initiative is achievement drive inside you, Initiative is enthusiasm in you, Initiative is actions by you to achieve & Initiative is dynamism in you. So always be full of energy to take Initiatives in your job, in your business  or whichever professional field you are in.


September 11, 2013

First Date

Remember  when you have sought an appointment for a meeting with your customer, be it be in your business, be it be in your job or whichever professional field you are in, you have to at customer venue before time with lot of preparations as if you are going for a First Date, if you have to be number one in your job, in  your business or  whichever professional field you are in.

Remember your first date with your sweetheart or handsomeheart, how excited were you, how much advance  preparations you have put in, how best you have presented yourself, how much before time you have reached, how patiently you have waited, how  energizely you have welcomed, how lovingly you have handed over flower or whatever gift you have brought, how calmly & tolerantly you have listened, how much in the back of the  mind you have strong desire to impress and  with a ultimate aim to win over ,to influence, to hypnotise, to invoke interest in you.

All these above factors are also very closely & inter related vis-a-vis  with your customer in your job, in you business or whichever professional field you are in. Every time meeting your client or customer is like going for a First Date with lot of involvement ,with lot of preparation & lot of enthrallment.

September 9, 2013

Understanding & Knowing

Understanding & Knowing your customer completely, fully, assiduously  & wholly is one of the very important factor in how to be number one in your job, in your business, in your various projects & whichever professional field you are in. Understanding & Knowing   your customer thoroughly deeply & closely is a must. Like you must know the swimming before you jump in the river other wise the results will be fatal. Same is true with your customer.

Understand & Know your customer demands both professional & personal well, Understand & Know your customer interest & hobbies, Understand & Know your customer family & family members well, Understand & Know & remember your customer dates like customer birthday, your customer spouse birthday, customer  marriage anniversary ,customer children birthdays, Understand & Know &  remember various  religious functions of your customer celebrate, Understand & Know customer eating habits & which  restaurants your customer regularly visits, Understand & Know &  remember which topics of general discussions other than professional your customer generally wants to talk on. And Understand & Know anything & everything on this earth about your customer.

This Understanding & Knowledge about your customer will not only build up & strengthen your professional relations with your customer but you will also match with the wave length of your customer, which will in turn help you in discussing various professional points freely & frankly about your competitors & about your products with your customer. And which will ultimately help you in winning over &   procuring you business from your customer which is your ultimate aim. 

September 7, 2013



There is a very popular saying by Aldous Huxley "Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you". So to be number one in your job, in your business, in your projects & whichever professional field you are in, this trait in all of us i.e. AVOID has to be nullified by facing, meeting, rather I will add confronting your client or customer in a very positive note.

Remember AVOID is a precursor of VOID.

And when void will be created between you & your customer or client than this vacuum will be, has to be filled by your competitors. Chances are you might be loosing your client or customer which you can not afford & tolerate. Because your customer or client is your product purchaser, your product patron, your product consumer.

So never ever Avoid your client or customer, even if your customer has raised intolerable & foolish quarries about your products, even if your customer or client has demanded from you to get sky for her or him, even if your customer or client has directly or indirectly has demean you or scorn you.

Remember your ego in front of & before your customer has to be at zero rather I will advice at minus level no ego at all & your skin has to be six inches thick. So seek an appointment from your customer or client once again & meet your customer or client once again & convert avoid into a successful, business procuring meet with your client or customer.

September 6, 2013

Luck & Destiny

I was not  that Lucky & it was Destined & had to happen. If you want to be number one in your job, in your  business, in your various projects in whichever professional field you are in, than please dismiss from your mind, condone & forget these two words. That does not mean also that I am conveying preaching or telling you to become an atheist. Have faith in GOD whichever sect you belong, Have faith in praying. There is a very popular saying "GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES".

This clearly means that get up in the good morning with a lot of motivation in the  morning to do your task assigned to you in the job, task planned by you to procure business from your client or customer, task for your projects in whichever professional field you are in, you have to first work for yourself.

All these needs your lot of planning in the morning itself, your setting of  professional bag or briefcase depending upon the needs or demand of your customer, your collection of various documents to be provided to your customer to convince about your product, your  reconfirming of appointment with your  customer, your list of customers you have to met today, your route planning for reaching out to customer ,procuring & supplying of the order of the  customer & many more tasks. For all these tasks you have to  slog, you have to be  workalcohlic, go getter & above all physically & mentally vigilant & agile. So doing your tasks daily through out the day & day after day is your luck & destiny.

September 5, 2013

KIlling The Competition

Competition & competitor both have to be wiped out with your killing instinct if you want to be number one in your job, in your business, in your projects or whichever professional field you are in. Here I never mean by Killing The Competition that you harm your competitor physically mentally, never ever think of that, never ever do such type of activities, never ever indulge in physical fight with your competitor harming or hurting your competitor.

But definitely Kill The Competition by meeting your client or customer regularly frequently repeatedly without fail, Kill The Competition by explaining convincing your client or customer the advantages supremacy superiority of your product over the competitor, Kill The Competition by fulfilling the ethical genuine demands of your client or customer promptly & immediately, Kill The Competition by clarifying doubts wrong notions misconceptions about your product created in the mind of your customer by the competitor, Kill The Competition by arranging a live demonstration illustration  of your product for your client or customer, Kill The Competition by developing establishing reinforcing your professional relations with your client to such an extent that whenever the demand need requirement arises your client or customer not only remembers you contact you but at once place the order & purchase your product only & only. Than this is a clear cut indication that you have KILLED THE COMPETITION  AND WON OVER THE COMPETITOR. 

September 3, 2013

Give Your Best

To be number one in your job, in your business or which ever professional field you are in- Give Your Best. Because slackness, laziness, bunking in your job or business assignments have no place & room in the lives of people who are number one in their job or in their business, who were number one in their job or in their business & who are going to be number one.

Give Your Best i.e. Give Your Best in convincing your customer, Give Your Best in putting across your deliberation & your point of view about your products before the customer, Give Your Best in nullifying & killing the competitor product by conveying that your product is the best, Give Your Best in  fulfilling the commitments promised to  the customer, Give Your Best in fetching orders from your customers, Give Your Best in following up that your product has been supplied or not to the customer, Give Your Best in getting views of your customer about the performance of your product.

Always mail a thanks once  the customer has started using your product. Give Your Best in providing the after sales & service. I always say no laxity, no forgetfulness, no applesauce & no hogwash when it comes to in relation with your customer.I always remember the very popular quote"ALWAYS GIVE YOUR BEST AND GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST".So only GIVE YOUR BEST.  

September 2, 2013


You must be wondering which English word is this. It is an abbreviation devised & invented by me  and it means & stands for :-

T --->Target

If you want to be number one in your job, in your business , in your projects ,in whichever professional field you are in. You ought to have a target oriented approach (TOA) every day, each day  &  day after day without fail.

You may be in a job, you may be an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a businessman today hold a pen & paper in your hand ,Write today's target on a paper slip(TOA slip)  stick TOA slip  on your car glass, stick TOA slip  on your file cover, stick TOA slip  on your office table, stick TOA slip on your bag, briefcase ,but never ever put TOA slip in your pocket(out of sight out of mind). And than leave your home for days work & achievements. You must read this TOA slip during the day, again & again till your day's target is achieved .

Whatever your target is today, may it be winning over your customer & client visa-a-vis a  competitor, booking a order from a customer & client of particular amount & of particular product, convincing about your product by conveying advantages of your products & winning points over your competitors , live demonstration of your products, providing services to the customers, fulfilling the ethical & genuine demands of your customer, gathering total knowledge about your products, gathering total knowledge of your competitors & gathering total knowledge of your customers & clients i.e about her/his likes & dislikes.

It has to be TOA every day otherwise the day says bye bye.