September 5, 2013

KIlling The Competition

Competition & competitor both have to be wiped out with your killing instinct if you want to be number one in your job, in your business, in your projects or whichever professional field you are in. Here I never mean by Killing The Competition that you harm your competitor physically mentally, never ever think of that, never ever do such type of activities, never ever indulge in physical fight with your competitor harming or hurting your competitor.

But definitely Kill The Competition by meeting your client or customer regularly frequently repeatedly without fail, Kill The Competition by explaining convincing your client or customer the advantages supremacy superiority of your product over the competitor, Kill The Competition by fulfilling the ethical genuine demands of your client or customer promptly & immediately, Kill The Competition by clarifying doubts wrong notions misconceptions about your product created in the mind of your customer by the competitor, Kill The Competition by arranging a live demonstration illustration  of your product for your client or customer, Kill The Competition by developing establishing reinforcing your professional relations with your client to such an extent that whenever the demand need requirement arises your client or customer not only remembers you contact you but at once place the order & purchase your product only & only. Than this is a clear cut indication that you have KILLED THE COMPETITION  AND WON OVER THE COMPETITOR. 

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