September 26, 2013


Confidence in your job, Confidence in your business, Confidence in your projects you have undertaken & Confidence in your professional field whichever you are in & above all Confidence in yourself  is what is going to make you number one in your job, in your business or whichever professional field you are . Do not be over confident & never be less & under confident in yourself, both the traits will take you away from your goal to be number one in job or in business.

You should have Confidence in your profession, in your business which you have adopted & selected; you should have Confidence on your colleagues, on your staff, on your entire team you are working with; you should have Confidence in your product line which you are going to present before your customers; you should have Confidence in your business talk you are going to deliberate before your customers; you must exhibit Confidence when you are giving live demonstration of your product advantages & how it scores over the competitors, to your customers; you must ooze out with Confidence when you are in business meet with your customers; you must bubble with Confidence when you are meeting the genuine & ethical demands of your customer  & You should have total Confidence while demanding the order of your product from your customer. Your Confidence will build up faith, trust & acceptance of your products in the mind of your customer.

There is popular quote by Marcus Garvey:

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