September 13, 2013


Always during meeting, approaching, talking, with  customer your mannerism, your behaviour, your aura should always be like a small child.

Child will always meet with smile-so always meet & greet your customers with a child like innocent smile. Child will never tell a lie-so never tell a lie to your customer or client about your products benefits & advantages. Remember the winning over your customer with your salesmanship, marketing jargon, with your wittiness, genuinely conveying the advantages of your products will build up a long lasting business & professional relations with your customers. Child  is very demanding-so be very demanding from the customer for using your products, Child is very inquisitive-so be very inquisitive in knowing if your customer is using some competitor product, than why your customer is using it. Child is always in the habit of attracting the attention-so always attract the attention of your customer  keep your customer engrossed & involved in your products by giving live demonstration of your products,  arranging get together for your customers, by meeting the ethical & genuine demands of your customer.

And last but not the least Child will never leave empty handed- so never leave without procuring order of your product from your customer or without clinching your business deal with your client.  

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