September 23, 2013

Customer is a King or Pawn

Customer was a king, is a king & will always remain a king. Customer can never be a pawn in the hands of various companies & their products. Ultimately it is the customer who decides & take decision about the products to be consumed & used & that to of which company. To win over your customer, to educate your customer, to convert your customer & to convince your customers to use your products only, in such a era of stiff & neck to neck competition locally & globally world over, is what makes you number one in your job, in your business or whichever professional field you are in.

Utmost concern to be exhibited & care should be taken  of your customer & their is no place for annoying your customer rather total contentment of your customer mental & physical by use of ethical means only. Customer should be mentioned, revealed & explained   all the details of your products & advantages of your products & how it scores over competitors products, Customers should be given the  live demonstration of your products, Customers meets should be organised to know the mind & heart of your customers & ultimately the end & final result the order should be procured from your customer of your product. There is one very popular quote by Sam Wilton


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