September 14, 2013

2030 : The Year That Changed Shopping

  • 32/00/2030 25:00 AM
    Thalaiva is beyond Time
    After research by Professor Rajinikanth in the field of Particle Physics , Quantum Mechanics , Quantum Robotics , Quantum Computing and Quantum WhatNot he did the groundbreaking discovery of Long Distance Teleportation (Sources close to Professor tell in reality the Discovery begged Rajinikanth to be discovered by his hands ) .

  • Nanoseconds Later
    We Live In a Hyper Connected World
    This announcement has caused unprecedented levels of traffic on & last seen only when Professor Rajinikanth and Professor Chuck Norris fought chatted.

  • 01 Jan 2030
    Real Dates start now
    The United Useless Engineers Group's (UUEG) President Dr. Viru Sahasrabuddhe has publicly extended a helping hand to Rajinikanth Foundation for developing many useless applications using the discovery (Some of the ideas proposed by UUEG are Panipuri Instant Home Delivery , Dhobi Ironed Clothes Distribution , Newspaper Deliver-a-nator . Insider say UUEG is focusing on indigenous B2C market as the B2B Outsourcing Industry has become unviaible after policy changes )

  • 02 Jan 2030
    The EEDO ( Excessively Expensive Doctors Organization) , CCC ( Certified Criminals Corporation ) and EPAI (Exorbitantly Priced Artists Institution) have also forwarded their proposals to Rajinikanth Foundation.

  • 28 Jan 2030
    With the advent of concept of Teleportation , The Noble Foundation has included the category "Teleportation" which awards individual/Organizations for their outstanding contributions in the field of Teleportation and UPA 7 Government is thinking of introducing Teleportation Tax .

  • 02 Feb 2030
    Rejecting all proposals , Professor Rajinikanth has tied up with EBay India to work on a project which has said to bring a revolution in the Shopping industry. In Case you have forgotten the last time EBay India worked with Rajinikanth in the year 2013 for their Chrome Extension , it became notoriously famous and led to too much profits.

  • After Few Seconds
    Thalaiva works really fast
    News is that EBay India has been successfully able to teleport items of any size , shape and material between two faraway locations. Insiders say this device will be called the "Teleport-a-nator" . EBay is dubbing this to the "last thing that you will ever ship" (because from now on everything will be teleported )

  • 07 May 2030
    Major E-Commerce Players in the market have filed for bankruptcy and are said to be suing Ebay for their demise. One of the Player remarked "The Teleport-a-nator has essentially corroded our business model. We are now unable to make any money from Calculated accidently Loss of Goods during delivery or the hopeless Helpful Customer Service which takes couple of hours minutes to answer customer queries. We will sue EBay for being a elephant among ants"

  • Few Hours Later
    Courts give judgement even before you file a case
    The Supreme Court has rejected the imaginary plea of all the bankrupt companies stating that EBay's actions are directed towards good of the humanity & the claims raised by companies are false , baseless and concocted.

  • 03 Sep 2030
    Some Time Has passed
    Ebay's recent quarterly Earnings have skyrocketed . Reports say that they have 100% Customer Satisfaction and No Lost Goods have been reported , first time in their 35 Years of existence.

And the Rest as they say is History.......

The Superhero of this Revolution is the "Teleport-a-nator" , a hypothetical rubik-cube sized device which is connected to a server within Ebay and is able to receive or send a physical good at a given point of time. Once a person orders via web/mobile/brainwaves , Ebay or the person auctioning the stuff will send the physical good. The only thing being that the person has to make sure there is enough space for the device to project the goods. Even though this idea may look crazy and outlandish , the ability to teleport has long been part of science fiction. The event that led me think about this idea was the recent experiment in which 10,000 bits of data was "teleported" between two points which were six millimeter apart. A surely positive sign of the things to come , now the only thing we have to wait for is the Great Professor Rajinikanth who will make this possible in reality :)

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