August 13, 2020


We all are with immense power inside all of us. We all can utilize our inner power to face the most difficult situations in our life and to be number one as always, be it in sorting and facing out these tough times of CORONA/ COVID19, Fearlessly, Intelligently, Ready to act,(FIR), in any type of situations, problems, obstacles, in our day to day life, in our professional life or in our personal lives facing and fighting CORONA/ COVID19 bravely defeating. We all have to face tough times and not to neither run away from it nor to turn our heads the other side and rather must come out in flying colors by hitting a winning stroke by facing crushing & overpowering the CORONA/ COVID19 Fearlessly, Intelligently, Ready to act(FIR).
Fearlessly without any Inhibition--Wearing a Mask
Intelligently--By Keeping a Safe Distance
Ready to Act--Using Sanitizer & Frequently Washing Hands

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