September 8, 2020

Perfection And Excellence

Perfection and Excellence are pivotal for you to be an achiever, Perfection and Excellence are barometers of your accomplishment, Perfection and Excellence are your throttles for thumping success, Perfection and Excellence are Engines of your progress, Perfection and Excellence are epitome of your triumph, Perfection and Excellence are wheels of your prosperity, Perfection and Excellence are the essence of consummation of your ambition, Perfection and Excellence are the backbone of rising to number one position, Perfection and Excellence are the most important principles of attainment of your goals, Perfection and Excellence are sowing the seeds of  performance, Perfection and Excellence are two big skill secrets of Go Getters and Movers & Shakers, Perfection and Excellence are core of retaining your number one position always. 

Perfection and Excellence are ultimately reaping the fruits of your  hard work by attaining the top number one position in whichever Profession, Position, Project you are in either as an employee in your job or as an entrepreneur in your business by acquiring number one position ultimately.

There is very popular quote:---

August 14, 2020


 Life is a Stopover

You are a Visitor in this 

Beautiful World

But not a Permanent Resident

Always Learn to Survive Alone

Because you have Come Alone

And will leave this Beautiful World Alone


जीवन  एक पारगमन टिकट है 

आप इस खूबसूरत संसार में 

एक विजिटर हैं 

लेकिन स्थायी निवासी नहीं 

हमेशा अकेला रहना सीखें 

कयोंकि आप अकेले ही आये थे 

और एक दिन अकेले ही जाओगे 

इस खूबसूरत संसार से

August 13, 2020


We all are with immense power inside all of us. We all can utilize our inner power to face the most difficult situations in our life and to be number one as always, be it in sorting and facing out these tough times of CORONA/ COVID19, Fearlessly, Intelligently, Ready to act,(FIR), in any type of situations, problems, obstacles, in our day to day life, in our professional life or in our personal lives facing and fighting CORONA/ COVID19 bravely defeating. We all have to face tough times and not to neither run away from it nor to turn our heads the other side and rather must come out in flying colors by hitting a winning stroke by facing crushing & overpowering the CORONA/ COVID19 Fearlessly, Intelligently, Ready to act(FIR).
Fearlessly without any Inhibition--Wearing a Mask
Intelligently--By Keeping a Safe Distance
Ready to Act--Using Sanitizer & Frequently Washing Hands

Motivational Slogan Of The Day

 एक दिन

शिकायत हमें

"किसी और से नहीं

"स्वयं" से होगी 

कि, ज़िंदगी सामने थी

सुकून और खुशियाँ लेकर

और हम "शिकवा-शिकायतों" में

उलझे रहे।

पता भी नहीं लगा मुझे कि हम कब सबको धरती पर पीछे छोड़ चले गये

हमारे ही घर में,

हमारे ही कमरे में, 

हमारी ही फोटो, 

और हमारी ही फोटो पर फूलों का माला

इसलिए हमेशा हर हाल में

मस्त रहो

व्यस्त रहो

स्वस्थ रहो

सुरक्षित रहो


One day

Complain to us

"From nobody else"


That life was in front

Relaxed and happy

And we in the "complaint-complaints"

Remained entangled.

We did not even know when we left everyone behind on earth

In our own house,

In our room,

Our own photo,

And garland of flowers on our own photo

So Always

Be Cool

Be Busy

Be Healthy

Be Safe

April 24, 2019


Have you ever seen Honey Bee taking rest, Have you ever seen Ants taking Rest, Have you ever seen Spiders taking Rest. Likewise, people who have created History, People who have imprinted their names in this world, People who are remembered always in this world even today because of their inventions for the benefit of society. They NEVER REST. But that does not mean that they do not eat, they do not sleep, they do not complete their morning chores, they do not do their day to day work. BUT REMEMBER THERE IS A HELL OF A LOT of  DIFFERENCE BETWEEN " EAT TO LIVE OR LIVE TO EAT". CHOICE IS YOURS.

If you are feeling tired mentally "Never Rest" calm down and relax only. If you are feeling tired physically "Never Rest" unwind & soften yourself. If you are feeling dejected because of non-achievement "Never Rest" try try try again TO ACHIEVE. If you are feeling rundown "Never Rest" put on the music which you like the best & dance for 5 minutes. If you are feeling grouchy and grumpy "Never Rest" just clap for 11 times. If you are feeling cranky & quarrelsome "Never Rest" just laugh loudly for 2 times.

If you want to achieve the number one position in your profession may it be in a job or may it be in your own enterprise. NEVER REST. Because it is your own body with which you can create & make history by molding your body & mind by working hard throughout the day & night.


April 11, 2019

Just Make It Happen

Your lust to be number one, Your appetite to be Number One, Your craving for to be Number One,   Your desire to be number one, Your passion to be Number one, Your hunger to be Number One, Your dedication & devotion to be Number One, Your mania to be Number One, only on the top number one position in whichever Profession, Position, Project you are in either as an employee in your job or as an entrepreneur in your business than do not only think, than do not only dream, than do not only fantasise, than do not only imagine. 

Just Make It Happen with your unique policies, Just Make It Happen with your exclusives programmes, Just Make It Happen with your stupendous efforts to achieve your targets, Just Make It Happen with your incomparable skills to motivate & inspire the team with which you are carrying out your teamwork, Just Make It Happen with your untiring and perspiring hard work, Just Make It Happen with your limitless love & affection for your profession may it be in a job or may it be in your own enterprise.f  "JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN" with your Gigantic & Colossal Driving Force which you & everybody in this beautiful world possesses.

There is a very popular quote:----

April 6, 2019


A number of days of the year are celebrated as New Year's Day in the different parts of India. The NEW YEAR DAYS are celebrated either by the lunar calendar or by the solar calendar. Parts of India which follow the Solar calendar, the new year is celebrated on Sankranti of the first month of the calendar, i.e., Vaishakha. Generally, this new year day falls during 14th or 15th of the month of January. Those following Lunar calendars, the month of Chaitra ( March-April) as the first month of the year, so the new year is celebrated on the first day of a Chaitra month which falls in 2019 on 6th April 2019 (SOURCE--WIKIPEDIA).

Auspicious Chaitra Navratras, in India in 2019 being celebrated from 6 April 2019 to 14 April 2019. Chaitra Navratras signifies the beginning of the Hindu New Year i.e. the first day of the Chitra month. Chaitra Navratras the celebration of nine days is committed to Almighty Goddess Durga and her nine Supreme AVTARAS.
The nine days have amazing religious greatness of Almighty Goddess Durga, the mighty and all-powerful mother, had destroyed the deceitful power as the devil Mahisashura during this period.
The celebration is praised with genuine dedication and immaculateness everywhere throughout INDIA. Individuals from different parts of India regardless of their faith participate in this celebrations by going to ALMIGHTY MOTHER GODDESS DURGA TEMPLES throughout INDIA and offering pujas at the Mother's feet during CHAITRA NAVRATRAS (SOURCE--INDIA TODAY).