September 3, 2013

Give Your Best

To be number one in your job, in your business or which ever professional field you are in- Give Your Best. Because slackness, laziness, bunking in your job or business assignments have no place & room in the lives of people who are number one in their job or in their business, who were number one in their job or in their business & who are going to be number one.

Give Your Best i.e. Give Your Best in convincing your customer, Give Your Best in putting across your deliberation & your point of view about your products before the customer, Give Your Best in nullifying & killing the competitor product by conveying that your product is the best, Give Your Best in  fulfilling the commitments promised to  the customer, Give Your Best in fetching orders from your customers, Give Your Best in following up that your product has been supplied or not to the customer, Give Your Best in getting views of your customer about the performance of your product.

Always mail a thanks once  the customer has started using your product. Give Your Best in providing the after sales & service. I always say no laxity, no forgetfulness, no applesauce & no hogwash when it comes to in relation with your customer.I always remember the very popular quote"ALWAYS GIVE YOUR BEST AND GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST".So only GIVE YOUR BEST.  

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