September 24, 2013

Team Work

Team Work is a very vital , significant & essential  aspect of success, achievement & accomplishment of your goals to be number one in your job, in your business & in your projects or whichever professional field you are in. With coordination, distribution & allocation of work depending upon the capacity & capability of your team members, you will not only achieve your targets & goals very easily but also going to be highly successful in your professional field & you & your company will become a name to reckon with  & achieve a topmost position & ranking not only reputation wise but turnover wise also.

You have to motivate, energise & arouse your entire team members i.e. from rep & up to the level of heads of various departments by patiently listening to their ideas, by prompting them to deal with the customers directly in the field, in customers office or even at the residence of the customers to explain the advantages of your products. You have to inspire your entire team members by giving them incentives in cash or in kind, arranging lunch or dinners for your team members, taking your team members to some exotic place, giving your team members a special gifts on every achievements of theirs.

You have to mix work with a pinch of motivation to arouse a fire inside your entire team members to achieve for your department where you are working or for your company in which you are running your business.

There is a very popular quote by Michel Jordan:

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