September 2, 2013


You must be wondering which English word is this. It is an abbreviation devised & invented by me  and it means & stands for :-

T --->Target

If you want to be number one in your job, in your business , in your projects ,in whichever professional field you are in. You ought to have a target oriented approach (TOA) every day, each day  &  day after day without fail.

You may be in a job, you may be an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a businessman today hold a pen & paper in your hand ,Write today's target on a paper slip(TOA slip)  stick TOA slip  on your car glass, stick TOA slip  on your file cover, stick TOA slip  on your office table, stick TOA slip on your bag, briefcase ,but never ever put TOA slip in your pocket(out of sight out of mind). And than leave your home for days work & achievements. You must read this TOA slip during the day, again & again till your day's target is achieved .

Whatever your target is today, may it be winning over your customer & client visa-a-vis a  competitor, booking a order from a customer & client of particular amount & of particular product, convincing about your product by conveying advantages of your products & winning points over your competitors , live demonstration of your products, providing services to the customers, fulfilling the ethical & genuine demands of your customer, gathering total knowledge about your products, gathering total knowledge of your competitors & gathering total knowledge of your customers & clients i.e about her/his likes & dislikes.

It has to be TOA every day otherwise the day says bye bye.

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