September 9, 2013

Understanding & Knowing

Understanding & Knowing your customer completely, fully, assiduously  & wholly is one of the very important factor in how to be number one in your job, in your business, in your various projects & whichever professional field you are in. Understanding & Knowing   your customer thoroughly deeply & closely is a must. Like you must know the swimming before you jump in the river other wise the results will be fatal. Same is true with your customer.

Understand & Know your customer demands both professional & personal well, Understand & Know your customer interest & hobbies, Understand & Know your customer family & family members well, Understand & Know & remember your customer dates like customer birthday, your customer spouse birthday, customer  marriage anniversary ,customer children birthdays, Understand & Know &  remember various  religious functions of your customer celebrate, Understand & Know customer eating habits & which  restaurants your customer regularly visits, Understand & Know &  remember which topics of general discussions other than professional your customer generally wants to talk on. And Understand & Know anything & everything on this earth about your customer.

This Understanding & Knowledge about your customer will not only build up & strengthen your professional relations with your customer but you will also match with the wave length of your customer, which will in turn help you in discussing various professional points freely & frankly about your competitors & about your products with your customer. And which will ultimately help you in winning over &   procuring you business from your customer which is your ultimate aim. 

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