September 27, 2013

Well Dressed

Always remember that when you are visiting your customer for a business & professional call, my dear friends you should be & must be Well Dressed. I never mean here by Well Dressed you have to wear very highly priced branded clothes like of Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss or you have to wear shoes from Nike, Adidas or Armani. But definitely a decent looking clothes, cool coloured, can be even of any local brand & from any local market but well ironed & shoes should not be worn out or pieces coming out or deshaped, can be of any local brand but shoes should be shining & well polished. Your professional bag or briefcase should have very neat & clean looks. Because crumpled clothes, shabby looking shoes & your dirty professional bag will totally jeopardise your business & professional call.

The moment you reach for your business meet with your customer remember the first thing that makes you receptive to your customer is your dress, your attire, the colours of the clothes you are wearing. Well Dressed person in general gives a message of amenable, friendly & open minded personality, Well Dressed person  attracts & incites customer  to talk to you which ultimately starts & leads to a business & professional talk, Well Dressed person is well accepted  & remembered even by the customers because of the dress sense, Well Dressed person is not only appreciated but always remembered by the customers.

There is a popular saying by Sean Hannity: MY WIFE DOES WISH I DRESSED BETTER

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  1. That's common sense..but a good initiative to motivate others through ur blog! Nice...appreciate ur effort!

  2. Well said & thanks for your comments
    Vijay Verma