September 21, 2013

Never Give Up

You feel the high voltage energy when you read & speak these highly motivating words Never Give Up . Never Give Up the English words itself are self sufficient to explain that  success only come to those who Never Give Up. You can definitely be number one in your job, in your business, in your projects or whichever professional field you are in if you Never Give Up.

Never Give Up- if in the morning you are planning for your business call & suddenly your professional briefcase or bag gets damaged, Never Give Up- if in the morning your ironed clothes gets crumpled & your polished shoes get cracked, Never Give Up-if you are stuck in traffic jam or your vehicle develops some snag, Never Give Up-if you receive a call from your customer that appointment is postponed, Never Give Up- even if  after your well prepared business call  do not fetch you a business, Never Give Up- even if after your genuine & up to date information about the disadvantages about your competitor products customer says no, Never Give Up-even if after fulfilling the ethical demands  your customer says no to your products & Never Give Up-even if your customer kept you waiting long & than a big no.

My dear friends these are all testing times & NEVER GIVE UP. The final victory will be yours.

Remember the popular saying by Babe Ruth "IT IS HARD TO BEAT A PERSON WHO NEVER GIVES UP".

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  1. Motivating enough :-) Let me say that each now to myself as a reminder to be a fighter ! Nice post..

    1. Dear Shilpi,thanks for your comments,in addition to your dedication & devotion to your profession, always be a fighter.
      Vijay verma

  2. Dear Sindhu whichever profession you are in, always be a fighter.Wish you Best of achievements in your life.
    Vijay verma

  3. Dear Sindhu thanks for your comments
    Vijay verma