September 11, 2013

First Date

Remember  when you have sought an appointment for a meeting with your customer, be it be in your business, be it be in your job or whichever professional field you are in, you have to at customer venue before time with lot of preparations as if you are going for a First Date, if you have to be number one in your job, in  your business or  whichever professional field you are in.

Remember your first date with your sweetheart or handsomeheart, how excited were you, how much advance  preparations you have put in, how best you have presented yourself, how much before time you have reached, how patiently you have waited, how  energizely you have welcomed, how lovingly you have handed over flower or whatever gift you have brought, how calmly & tolerantly you have listened, how much in the back of the  mind you have strong desire to impress and  with a ultimate aim to win over ,to influence, to hypnotise, to invoke interest in you.

All these above factors are also very closely & inter related vis-a-vis  with your customer in your job, in you business or whichever professional field you are in. Every time meeting your client or customer is like going for a First Date with lot of involvement ,with lot of preparation & lot of enthrallment.

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