September 17, 2013


 As a small kid you must have liked or disliked your nursery teacher & first maths teacher who were very candidly say number of times "children Repeat" may it be alphabets, may it be counting, may it be different pictures, may it be tables, may it be plus minus multiplication or division sums. It was this technique of Repeat only by our teachers that made us deft in English language, Maths & number of other subjects in school curriculum.
That is why Repeat is another very essential ingredient to win over your customers & clients & achieve success & be number one in your job, in your business or whichever professional field you are in. To make new customers, to retain old customers & to have long lasting professional relations & support  from your customers for your products you have to Repeat.
Now the next question arises Repeat what? Repeat your professional & business call, Repeat your professional presentations of your product, Repeat  your get togethers  with your customers  number of times & in these get togethers never forget to mention & discuss about your products, Repeat the discussion to mention the advantages of your products over various competitors, Repeat the service to the customer by fulfilling customer  ethical professional needs & requirements. And always demand & be ready for Repeat business of your products from your customers.



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