September 7, 2013



There is a very popular saying by Aldous Huxley "Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you". So to be number one in your job, in your business, in your projects & whichever professional field you are in, this trait in all of us i.e. AVOID has to be nullified by facing, meeting, rather I will add confronting your client or customer in a very positive note.

Remember AVOID is a precursor of VOID.

And when void will be created between you & your customer or client than this vacuum will be, has to be filled by your competitors. Chances are you might be loosing your client or customer which you can not afford & tolerate. Because your customer or client is your product purchaser, your product patron, your product consumer.

So never ever Avoid your client or customer, even if your customer has raised intolerable & foolish quarries about your products, even if your customer or client has demanded from you to get sky for her or him, even if your customer or client has directly or indirectly has demean you or scorn you.

Remember your ego in front of & before your customer has to be at zero rather I will advice at minus level no ego at all & your skin has to be six inches thick. So seek an appointment from your customer or client once again & meet your customer or client once again & convert avoid into a successful, business procuring meet with your client or customer.

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  1. Very true. Ego is one of the biggest hurdle in our professional lives.