August 13, 2013


When you get ready in the morning generally just before leaving the last item you wear are shoes & when you arrive after your days busy, hectic & perspiring schedule  the first item generally you remove is again shoes.

Have we ever thought that wearing shoes in the morning is an indicator, starter & I will say that a big motivator to start & go for your days work. And remember & try this "Do not remove your shoes even you have reached back unless & until your days target is achieved, days work is over, days earnings are earned." It can  be for a students, can be for persons in any type of job, can be for persons in any type of business. Removing shoes means when you reach back that my day is over with regards to my professional work.

"Use the SHOE" in your days work(Ha-Ha-Ha---).Never ever take my "Use the SHOE" in literal sense.Than You must be thinking what I am up to. But the positive "Motivational Mornings" hidden in this Great English word is
If you are a SHOE I am 100%,200%,300%------- sure you are going to be a successful, successful & successful in whichever field you are. No body on this earth can stop your success. 

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