August 30, 2013

NO Wastage

Wastage is one of the very detrimental negative situation in the company which should be nullified & stopped immediately. In your job, in your business you can not afford to have wastage of your resources, wastage of your energy, wastage of your time, wastage of  your efforts, wastage of your production, wastage-loss-theft of promotional material to be presented before various clients & customers, wastage of your hard labour put in by you in the preparation of various presentations to be presented before various clients & customers with regards to your products & company,direct wastage of finance by spending it in huge amounts whereas with lesser finance better options are available, wastage of finance by surpassing the budget with no extra gain neither in sales nor in  profitability of the company, wastage of your labour or the labour of staff by not providing them with  adequate, sufficient work.

So wastage in the form of Finances, Resources, Labour of the company to be stopped immediately without any further delay. WASTAGE HAS TO BE CONVERTED INTO WEIGHTAGE to all these important aspects & factors of the company to be number one in the job, in the  business. 

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