August 25, 2013

Never Say 'NO'

Always explain to your client, customer or purchaser on the various queries  raised by them. But Never Say 'NO'. If you have returned late & your spouse asks you why you are late explain Never  Say 'NO'. If your boss asks you to go & procure order Never Say 'NO', if your business partner suggest you to control expenses of your business firm Never Say 'NO'. Because 'NO' radiates negative energy, Because 'NO' radiates ones incapability & incapacity to do the job, Because 'NO' emits the intentions of ineffectuality.   

In general 'NO' denotes that either you are avoiding, bypassing, hindering, hiding, insulting, sometime unknowingly running away from the achievement which you could have easily achieved in you job,  business, various projects in your professional field.

But definitely say 'NO' fearlessly to  anticompany, anticountry, illegal business, illegal trade, illegal projects, any illegal activities, deeds or acts being pursued or forced on to you in your job, business which ultimately harm the business interests of your company  and  harm to your beloved country as a whole.

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