July 6, 2013

Heart & Brain

Good Morning Namskar SatSriAkal Adab & love to all Motivational Mornnings readers.Remember the success in job or in buisness comes & achieved with total +ve attitude, targeted approach,tireless & honest implementation of policies & strategies till the goals are achieved ,  & after succesfully achieving patting your back or back of the total team which was part of it- is a must, & than immediatetly planning & moving forward for the next goal.This all is possible only with highly +vely motivated heart & brain.You go thrrough the history the people at the top who achieved,earned & reached at the top were with a highly +ve motivated brain & heart.

I have a strong feeling that in every human being on this earth, brain is a male species & heart is a female species.Unless there is a total Manthan of brain & heart inside one self, the resultant Amrit in the form of +ve motivation & +ve attitude can not be formed.

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