October 30, 2011

Slips and Accidents

Good Morning Namskar SatSriAkal Adab & love to all Motivational Mornnings readers.You all must have celebreted or getting ready to celebrate or in dreams fighting with your dearest sis to give you choclate instead of Kju ki Barfi on this auspicious occasion of Bhiya Dhuj & taking her blessings & in return giving her gift in various forms.

This change to choclate from kaju ki barfi automatically is slipping towards 21st century changing your life style is totally +ve.Slipping towards change in your job or buisness or any other change with +ve growth & more achievements is a Right Time Slipping.+ve slipping to achieve your goals & achievements with ethical practices & mixed with sheer hard work & a spoon of luck definitely results into thumping & thundering long lasting success.

In this journey of achievements of our goals we barge into +ve accidents in term of a collegue in a job or a employee in the business or a friend who guide us, who give us a idea to increase the buisness or to rise in our job.This is a one form +ve accident.How we perceive,how we utilise,how we grab,how we implement that is what matters.Never ever get tired in your life.Learn from every body & any body the +vety.
The best example of tireless +ve approach is our bringing up by our parents or even other members in the family which is replaced now by Aaya by our fast track generation(FTG).I always term this change  +ve one as this has resulted because of sheer ecomomic independence & indiviual indentity of FTG.The other best example of +ve motivated approach is our parents helping attitude,supporting behaviour & +ve reaction towards us in different day to day situations however worse & ugly may be created by their children through out parents life.

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  1. Cant agree more with you on the positive attitude thing :-) A positive slip we see each day :-)

  2. 'Cant agree' is in itself a sign full of positivity. Thanks for reading my blog.