May 2, 2016


I am tired, I am drained, I am overworked, I feel haggard, I am worn out. These are the few words which forces all of us to break & disturb our tempo, rhythm, momentum for the day which we build daily after lot of inner self motivation for completing our job or business or study, where ever we are & irrespective of nature of our  job & business, whichever post & position we are holding in job or business, irrespective of amount of salary in job or profit we earn in job or business or schlorship we get in our study.

NEVER REST unless the target is achieved,
NEVER REST unless turnover is completed,
NEVER REST unless project is finished,
NEVER REST unless profit is pocketed.

Rest is a state of mind. Some body can work for 8 hours & Some body can work for 18 hours. When you are engrossed in your work be it be job, be it be your business, be it be your project; When you are enjoying your work; When you are nearing your target; When you are about to earn huge profits; When you are churning out  newer ideas with novel & unique prepositions; When you are slogging day & night to achieve NEVER REST.

Rest is a barrier which will slow down your speed of achievement,
Rest is a obstacle which will disturb the tone of achievement,
Rest is a hurdle which will totally disturb the mind set of achievement,
Rest is a blockade which will delay the achievement,
Rest is a impediment which will restrict the achievement.

Rest acts as a fire extinguisher which extinguish your inner fire of achievement, totally divert your attention from the main goal, jeopardise your total planning, take away your sense of involvement in your job or business or studies, slows down your flight of success, drifting you apart from the nectar of conquest & victory to achieve your goal, leading to demotivation & frustration for not accomplishing the set targets. So NEVER REST.

You will NEVER REST if your business, your job or your study stream is as per your desire, taste. One has to be extremely very choosy while studying to select your stream, type of job you are selecting, type of business you are in or going to start, Always do it of your choice, of your taste, of your punch, of your inclination. This will automatically increase your involvement, your interest, your concern & you will NEVER REST.

So Let us all of you work towards your goals untiringly, intensively, assiduously NEVER EVER TAKING REST. So that you all  not only achieve your targets, profits & complete your projects in your job, studies or business or whatever you are doing but also have full sense of satisfaction of achievement on day to day basis, month after month & year after year so that you are recognised as number one in job, business & studies.

There is a very Popular Quote " NEVER REST WORK IS THE BEST ".

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