May 24, 2016


Have any of us ever faced & experienced squeezing, wreathing, piercing, excruciating, penetrating , blasting pain & cramps in stomach because of acute hunger in our childhood or in our youthful days or in our old age or for that matter any time of our lifespan. The answer is a big "NO". Even during our infancy though we do not remember i.e. one day to one year none of us was left starved & hungry, I am hundred percent sure, the moment we started crying because of hunger our mother immediately fed us with her own milk.

We all daily have belly full of breakfast lunch dinner evening snacks etc. & what not, leave aside the in between munching. We all eat & overeat throughout the day & now in nights also, during our work in big & massive call centres, IT companies based all over the world. We all belong to Zero Hunger Generation.

But have we ever thought of lakhs & lakhs of children, men, women, old age population all over the world, in our beautiful dazzling lovely planet all over the globe millions & millions of children, adults youth & old people are sleeping through the night without eating anything ? UNICEF estimates that approximately 300 million(30 crores) children go to bed every night hungry without even having a morsel of bread and 8000 children under the age of 5years die of hunger everyday in this glamorous & charming world. We must go all out to FINISH COMPLETELY KILL HUNGER the demon.

First of all where ever & whichever corner of the world we are living. Take the initiative daily to observe & watch closely that how many of these hungry and deprived class of children, adults young & old age are starving daily because of hunger. Which are the places around you where you can see these starved, hungry, weak, undernourished, famished children , adults & old age men & women alike. They will be seen in early mornings in garbage dumps to find out & searching the morsels of foods along with various animals dogs rats snakes which generally bite them, at various worshipping places as baggers irrespective of the the religion it belongs to excepting in countries where the begging is banned & is an offence, at traffic crossings begging, slums dwellings around all of us, in & around old age homes, in & around night shelters & many other places around all of us.

Now what we all have to do as a important task on daily basis or on weekly basis or minimum monthly basis. Arrange minimum 2 food packets on daily bases & maximum is no limit or 14 food packets on weekly basis or 60 food packets on monthly basis of whatever food you can afford or whatever you can prepare & distribute. Everybody of us start preparing these food packets & start distributing it in every locality around us amongst these hungry and starving children, adults youth & old alike. Make it a daily routine of our life from today only on every day or once in a week every Saturday or once in a month on 1st Saturday of every month.

Just imagine if you start with a group of 25 friends or a group of 25 neighbours or a group of 25 office colleagues or a group of 25 relatives or a group of 25 entrepreneurs , we will end up in distributing 1500( fifteen hundred) food packets to these starving & hungry children & adults alike in a month. And in one year 18000 (eighteen thousand ) food packets . Start it as a movement you will see the smiling & belly full children, adults around you & we all are going to FINISH COMPLETELY KILL HUNGER and jointly all of us will eradicate starvation from our gorgeous planet earth.


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