June 30, 2016

End Result

Achieving End Result in accomplishing any task is not only a must but a very essential, fundamental and indispensable ingredient to fulfill,  complete and conclude any task. Any task may it be a homework of a student, household work of a housewife/ househusband, office task of an office employee, task taken up by any professionals engineer doctor architect etc, target achievement by sales personnel of different companies month after month etc and any of these tasks without any End Result is like a marriage without any conjugal legitimate physical relations between husband & wife. Marriage without End Result.

What we all have to do to achieve a fantastic, stupendous and marvellous End Result of our any task is to first of all plan about various pros and cons, various weaknesses & strengths, various positive and negative aspects, various intrinsic and extrinsic factors of the total task that is employees in case of your own business, colleagues in case you are in job, markets involved local or global, customers you have to deal with again local or global, how many hours of work you can put in and your colleagues or employees can put in and many other factors which lead us to the End Result of our task. We also can not afford to be casual, goalless and directionless in achieving our End Result. In achieving our End Result we have to put in our best of efforts endlessly, to exploit our epitome of energy to the fullest, to enthuse our colleagues our team our employees to the brim, to create a working atmosphere and environment full of inspiration, motivation, work provoking, work stimulating and set a example of self to not to yield, abandon and work tirelessly till the End Result is accomplished.You may be an employee, may be a manager in a company, you may be an entrepreneur, you may be a govt.employee, you may be a sales & marketing professional, may be an engineer, may be a doctor, may be an architect or any other professional unless you complete & finish your job, unless you achieve your target, unless you complete your project, unless you eradicate infection of an ailing patient, unless you complete the outlay of your total building project hired and so many other types of jobs and businesses you are being in, the ultimate and final achievement is to accomplish, effectuate, consummate and achieve End Result.

End Result has to be perfect, End Result has to be flawless, End Result has to be impeccable, End result has to be accurate, End Result has to be immaculate, End Result has to be faultless, End Result has to be superb, End Result has to be matchless, End Result has to be unblemished, End Result has to be uncomparable, End result has to be irrefutable, End Result has to be errorless, End Result has to be authentic, End Result has to be unquestionable, End Result has to be conclusive,End Result has to be excellent, End Result has to be exemplary. And above all is that End Result has to be delivered ,completed & accomplished on time at any cost.

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