October 24, 2013

Count on Me

You can Count on Me is in itself are the words which instill confidence in your client, in your customer, in your buyer. Count on Me triggers the high voltage desire in your client to know about your product. Count on Me prompts your customer to see the demonstration of your product thoroughly. Count on Me motivates  your buyer to know the advantages of your product  over the competitor product. Count on Me stimulates your customer to purchase & use your product. Count on Me impel your purchaser to reuse your product. Count on Me produces spark of trust in your customer of you, your company & your product which in turn generates more & more business from the customer. Count on Me converts your professional & business level with your customer to a friendship level.
There is a very popular quote:

If your feeling down and out
Count on me
If your feeling like you need a shoulder to cry on
Count on me
If you want to be fun, crazy, and have good times
Count on me
If you need a friend....someone to stay with you through the good & the bad..
Count on me Always! I am always by your side once we are friends we are friends till the end of time. :)


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  1. Just what one needed. Lovely post :)

  2. Thanks for your comment which is full of life .Because It is not the friend in life that count but it is the life in the friend