October 5, 2013

Loser Become Winner

Loser Become Winner is a hard reality of everybody life. All of us have lost customers once twice thrice or more in job, in business or while handling various projects. But that has further strengthened all of us. We have devised new strategies, new formulas, new ways & means to convince our customer once again & procured larger amount of business once again. And Loser Become Winner & we maintained our number one position in our job, in our business or whichever professional field we are in.

Loser Become Winner because fire is ignited inside you to win over your customer  with new planning. Loser Become Winner because you go all out to your customer with new proposition. Loser Become Winner because you devise new schemes for your customer. Loser Become Winner because you all together formulate new approach for your customer. Loser Become Winner because totally new explanation & direction is given with regards to your product by you to your customer.

There is a very poplar quote:
                                      Vince Lombardi


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