October 10, 2013

Never Tell a Lie

Take a vow today that past is past & from  today onwards I will Never Tell a Lie in my job to attain higher position, i will Never tell a Lie to my customer to procure business for my company & i will never Tell a Lie & present a wrong data to seek approval of any of my projects. And speak only & only truth only, in my job, in my business or whichever professional field I am pursuing. Never tell a Lie is a very  very important aspect, conduct & condition to be successful & to be number one in job, in the business or whichever professional field you are in.

Never Tell a Lie when you are seeking an early appointment from your customer,by giving flimsy reasons. Never tell a Lie when you are deliberating a business call with your  customer about your products advantages which are not at all there in your product. Never Tell a Lie about how your product supersedes the competitor product. Never Tell a Lie to your customer about fulfilling  customer genuine & ethical demands, convey simple plane NO, if you are not in a position to fulfil the demand of the customer. Never Tell a Lie about immediate supply of your product to your customer, if it is in short supply, frankly inform that it will take some time.

There is very popular quote :

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1 comment:

  1. True that. A lie can eventually screw you over!:)
    Nice post.:D