October 3, 2013

Never Burn Fingers

Friends what all you are thinking? That I am cautioning you to be alert in the kitchen when you are preparing your meals. that definitely you should be. But here I am cautioning you while handling your customer Never Burn Fingers because customer temperature is much higher than fire. Never Burn Fingers on the fire of your customer. Rather you have to convert & use the fire of customer for cooking your order of your company's   products. Than no body can stop you from becoming number one in your job, in your business or whichever professional field you are in.

Never Burn Fingers in taking appointment of your customer as per your convenience rather it has to be as per the convenience of your customer, Never burn your fingers in your business deliberations with your customer by annoying your customer rather pursuing your customer, Never Burn Fingers by only telling your customer disadvantages of competitor product, rather telling your customer advantage of your company's product, Never Burn Fingers by not arranging business meets of the customer rather organise business meet for the customer on regular basis, Never Burn Fingers by not demanding your requirement/order of your product rather without any inhibition procure order of your product.  There is a very popular quote:TIME IS THE FIRE IN WHICH WE BURN

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