October 26, 2013

Service Affection & Love Heals

Service Affection & Love Heals clearly denotes here that if  you want to win over your customer client or buyer than these three factors are must & very important ingredients of achieving success & to captivate your customer client or buyer & ultimately to remain number one position in your job, in your business or whichever professional field you are in. These three ingredients are synergistic to each other & highly interdependent on each other. If any of the factor & ingredient is missing than it leads to dissatisfaction & confusion in the mind of your customer about you, about your company & about your product.

Service here means benefits of your product as conveyed by you in your professional & business deliberation. Service here means advantages of your product over your competitor as communicated by you. Service here means  utility & backing of your product as offered by you to your customer.

Affection here means professional admiration of your customer by you & you only. Affection here means your professional closeness with your customer. Affection here means inclination of your customer for your company & for your product.

Love here means very strong liking for your product of your customer. Love here means fire in the belly of your customer to use your product. And Love here means desire to buy your product of your customer.

There is a very popular quote:

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