November 16, 2013

You Run the Day

It is always You Run the Day not the Day Run You. When You Run the Day there is maximum utilization of time, energy & money of your company, of your products & definitely of your calibre, capability & capacity which ultimately leads to generation of business in your job, in your business, in your projects or whichever professional field you are in & you always remain & retain number one position. And when the Day Run You, you will never know when the day is over by remaining Idle & nothing is achieved by running around the bush. This clearly indicates the moment you get up in the morning You must Run the Day &  immediately plan the whole day schedule & make a list of  work, assignments for the day according to their priorities so that there is a total  allotment of slot of timings for each & every work you have to do for the whole day as per their priority order. Your work, your product, your company & above all You that totally matters & You Run the Day. You Run the Day i.e. in 99% visit &  instances of getting sure shot business every time in every visit is because of  your excellent linkage & relation both professional & personal with the customer you have maintained, how, it only you knows. You run the Day i.e. your one telephone call to your customer & you fix the appointment immediately & also fix the day & date of live demonstration of your product despite customer busy schedule. You Run the day because you are well planned every day.

There is a very popular quote:

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  1. What a thought! Nicely put :)

  2. Thanks for reading my blog and for your comments

  3. Nice positive Post. We have the power :)

    1. Thanks for reading my blog and giving your comments

  4. i read in an inscription on stone at a temple in Indonesia" Your mental power is infinite, you are utilizing a negligible part of it."

  5. Thanks for reading my blog and I totally agree with the inscription.

  6. This is a great way to strat my days. Wish I had read it today morning > On the brighter side will use in tomorrow.:D

  7. Thanks for reading my blog and your comments further motivates me. And pardon me for the delay in responding.


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