November 25, 2013

Never Retreat

My dear friends when you have played any game in your childhood, I am hundred percent sure rather hundred & one percent sure that you even now remember very clearly, the games which you used to lose & the games which you used to win.

In childhood days it was adamancy, obstinacy or bullheadedness inside you that you will play that game only that you used to lose again & again till you won but Never Retreated. Never Retreat is basically a childhood fighting trait, quality, habit which takes birth in the human mind at a very early stage of life .The only endeavour we all have to do  further is to develop this childhood trait of Never Retreat throughout our life. 

In our life make sure that you convert the Never Retreat into a winning virtue. But never ever  Never Retreat gets converted into adamancy, rigidity or inflexibility. Because there is a  very thin line rather a hair line only between Never Retreat & stubbornness. Never  Retreat is a very highly positive quality leading & taking you towards a winning stroke & making you number one in your job, in your projects, in your business or whichever professional field you are in. But whereas you have to be highly conscious when it gets converted into adamancy .So Never Retreat.

There is a very popular quote:

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