November 24, 2013

Get It Done

My dear friends achievers, doers, risk takers, heavy hitters, pathfinders and leaders in and of any field & discipline, be it be job, be it be carrying out huge projects, be it be business or be it be any professional field , they not only remain number one but also retain the number one position as long as they are there to lead. The very pertinent question arises why? Because they posses, they develop & they implement & use without fail, without any hesitation & any inhibition these traits & qualities in their day to day basis in their professional working.

One of the very important trait & quality of this type of personality is Get It Done. They do not wait for anybody & Get It Done. They do not waste time in idling, gossiping or waiting during working time(for them working time is 24hrs) & Get It Done. They do not squander time in fault finding process & Get It Done. They show no sign of exhaustion, fatigue or weariness & Get It Done. They do not indulge in prodigality or any kind of recklessness & Get It Done. They do not force or plead  the customer rather politely with patience pursue the customer & Get It Done. They do not & never emaciate & macerate the ego of the customer instead raise & satisfy the ego of the customer & Get It Done, as they know Customer Is A King.

There is a  very popular quote:
                 George Allen, Sr.

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