November 19, 2013

Don't Bother About

Do not bother about anything & everything happening around you, on this earth, in your company, around & in your residence & home because circumstances, situations, surrounding happenings are not at all under your control & even if under your nose if somebody does not follow your ways, means, instructions the things will happen otherwise. So Don't Bother About.

Don't Bother About if you get up in the morning & you get a call from your customer that he/she will not be meeting you today, immediately fix your appointment with other customer & accordingly prepare & adjust your business & professional deliberations according to the customer. Don't Bother About if in business  meet customer demands something which you will not be able to fulfil, very politely offers only that which your company can afford & offer. Don't Bother about if in live demonstration ,your product gets stuck, gets inoperable, gets busted ,very tactically take a tea, pee or ci break & immediately get set your product right. Don't Bother About if your customer does not place order of your product despite your repeated pursual & despite having potential to purchase your product, very amiably, graciously & respectfully keep on pursuing & following up your customer  to carry forward your professional relations on regular basis with your customer which will ultimately give you the chance to pursue your customer to purchase your product.

So my dear friends the situations may be very difficult to handle, the situations may goes out of your control, situations may create hurdles in your way so that you can not achieve your goals. But your attitude of Don't Bother About will always make you number one in your business, in your job, in your projects or whichever professional field you are in.

There is a  very popular quote:

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  1. A motivational post. Worth reading!

  2. Are you saying that we should not bother about outcome ,only we should work hard?

  3. Inspirational words. Thanks for sharing.... :-)