November 27, 2013

Create Opportunity

There is a very popular belief that opportunity comes by luck & destiny, opportunity comes only once, opportunity comes to only to the blue blood clan & rulers only and so many other such misleading & misguiding notions & sayings.

But my dear friends just tell me very frankly without petrol or diesel or battery can any vehicle run, can you cook any food without oven, micro, hotplate or gas burners of  PNG or LPG gas in your kitchen, can you build up a multi storey house without the support of iron & cement, can you play cricket without a bat or without a ball or for that matter any game without its concerned apparatus. What is common in all these events that Opportunity is Created by filling fuel in the vehicle; Opportunity is Created by igniting with PNG or LPG for gas stove or supplying electricity to oven micro or hotplate; Opportunity is Created for building  multi storey structure with cement & iron & many more other forms of raw material; Opportunity is Created in cricket by the use of bat & ball.

So my dear friends the high end  achievers who always occupy number one position in their job, in their projects, in their business or whichever professional field they are in, they always Create Opportunity & never wait for the opportunity to come & knock at their door steps. So always Create Opportunity utilise it, avail it, use it & be a winner.

There is a very popular quote by BRUCE LEE :

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