November 23, 2013

Cross the Limits

My dear friends in addition to the sheer hard work; in addition to the complete dedication & devotion to your profession; in addition to the absolute involvement in your daily professional routine; in addition to the unflinching faith in your company, in your projects, in your products; in addition to the outright confidence in your self; in addition to the unlimited  participation  in pursuing, convincing & satisfying your customers with number of genuine & ethical ways & means.

One of the very essential & utter important ingredient of highly successful people who always retain & remain  on number one position in their job, in their projects, in their business or whichever professional field they are in, throughout their career is that all of them Cross the Limits.

They Cross the Limits of number of hours they put in daily, even no body knows that  for how many hours they sleep & take rest, sometime doubt arises they ever sleep or not & they take rest for a while or not, GOD only knows which clay they are made of; they Cross the Limits of dedication & devotion to the profession they are in by always doing something or the other concerning & linking to their profession only they are in; they Cross the Limits of work energy, high voltage, vigor & vitality & infinite stamina; they Cross the Limit of toughness & forcefulness for their competitors; they Cross the Limit of  patience, politeness, persuasiveness for their customers. In toto they Cross the Limits of anything & everything to retain & remain on number one position.

There is a  very popular quote:

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