November 15, 2013

Good Listener

Good Listener is invariably, continually & repeatedly a high, great & formidable achiever. My dear friends always be a good listener to your customer for various  suggestions about your product , number of questions & quarries raised by your customer about your product, any innovation or improvement suggested by your customer about your products. Let your customer raise silliest & most awkward question, first of all very coolly & patiently hear to it & than in a very tactical way negate it by giving a very convincing, witty, agreeable answer. Good listener has this quality that by giving a patient hearing to the customer either the customer gets satisfied or accepts whatever has been deliberated with the customer. Good listener very regularly arranges the live demonstration of products at a very regular intervals that to at a place of customer choice, in which very coolly listens to the even criticism by the customer about the products & company . Good listener never reacts to any harsh words & adverse comments made by the customer. Good Listener always meets the genuine & ethical demands of the customer & very coolly refuses the unethical demands of the customer. Good listener always calmly, patiently ,dispassionately listens to the customer & very casually, unhurriedly asks & demands for the use & purchase of the products. Good listener never finishes the business & professional deliberations without procuring, obtaining & achieving the target of getting order of product from the customer.

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