November 21, 2013

Be A River

My dear friends you have to Be A River because river imparts us a lot of lessons, guidance, directions showing us the way ,course & route we must adopt so that we always utilise the opportunities when it comes or rather when we watch & see the opportunities.

Be A River as it motivates, inspires, stimulates & encourages you, me & all of us. Be A River always full of energy, high current, flowing fast with full  vigor & vitality from where it originates, gets slower sometimes than remains calm for sometime, than again increases the speed of its flow if any hurdles comes in away, always untiring, meets the demands of the cities from where it passes, gives food to its fauna & flora dependent on it, gives satisfaction & calmness when you see a calm & cool river flowing, it incites you to have sweet dreams, it comes it gives & than goes to the next city always finding its ways on its own, never afraid of big mountains, big boulders, long distances, deep jungles, falling from great heights & than again starts flowing with same force, power & energy.

Remember my dear friends people who excel, who are successful & who are number one in their jobs, in their businesses, in their various projects or whichever professional field they are in, these achievers are not less than a river untiring, always flowing with energy & always finding the new ways & immediately gets up even if the failure drags them down. So always without fail Be A River.

There is a very popular quote:

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