November 21, 2013

You Never Lose

My dear friends You Never Lose, you only lose when you have concluded, when you have agreed, when you have yielded, when you have surrendered & when you have thought you have lost. So my dear friends You Never ever Lose unless you decide on your own that i have lost.
 Never have & inculcate & harbor such feeling or feelings that you have lost. There is a saying that battles are won between the two eyes and not in the battlefields. If you take this life as a battlefield, your job as a battlefield, your projects as a battlefield, your business as a  battlefield than there is no other alternative in the battle either you win or you lose. But you are a winner ,you are a achiever, you never lose, you always remain number one in your job, in your projects, in your business or whichever professional field you are in. Than where is the question of losing, You Never Lose. Always have that inner feeling, inner thought, inner fire, inner passion, inner zeal , inner  fervor, inner enthusiasm & inner confidence  that I am the number one & I am the winner, my dear friends you will experience that You Never Lose & you will retain & remain number one position throughout your career be it be your  job or be it be your business.
So you always have that feeling engraved in your heart & brain that you are a champion of your professional field, you are a conqueror, you are a master, you are a hero, you are a vanquisher & above all you are a winner &  You will Never Lose.
There is a very popular quote:

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