December 7, 2013

Change of Attitude

My dear friends there is a very simple formula that if you are living on third floor & you want a free flow of water on your third floor you have to install a water booster pump, total pipe line up to third floor along with a water storage tank & above all a plumber to install all this. But if you want to throw water from third floor to the ground that you have to just hit the bucket forcefully with your leg  & water goes to the ground.

This clearly denotes that if you have to do something positive, concrete, perfect & conclusive, than you have to put in lot of efforts, lot of hard work & total Change of Attitude. Change of Attitude is must if you want to achieve success, want to be a winner & want always to be on number one position in the business, in the job, in your projects or whichever professional field you are in.

Change of Attitude with regards to daily working hours as some do work for eight hours that to strictly as per the watch & some never look towards the watch but keep on doing the work till they achieve their goal. Change of Attitude with regards to your profession in which you are in, one should always be honest & sincere to the profession , always be proud of your profession you are in & always maintain the dignity of the your profession because it is the company or business or projects which closes down & never any profession. Change of Attitude with regards to your knowledge & training, your interest & orientation, your expertise about the profession you are in. It is your Change of Attitude towards achieving perfection that can only make you a great winner.

There is a very popular quote:

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