December 5, 2013

Giving & Getting Space

My dear friends if  you want to experience what physical space means to people than travel in jam packed metro trains,fully packed buses, totally cramped up sea of human beings in any meeting either political or non political, stranded in traffic jam on totally choked road for hours together & not moving an inch.

Always in your life you have to Give space to others,physical & mental both because there should not be any physical jam or mental  jam in the minds, when you see eye to eye to each other. And when you need a space physical or mental you also immediately Get it because space is always a reciprocation & not a binding on any body. Giving or Getting Space  can be from your family members & relatives, Giving & Getting Space can be from your friends both personal & professional, Giving & Getting Space can be from your team mates in your business, Giving & Getting Space can be from your colleagues in the job.

Now my dear friends question arises What is a space? Do you remember the punishment by the nursery school teacher & after admonishment  toffee or lollipop or chocolate was given, this is a space. Do you remember scolding by your parents, by your elder brother or by your elder sister in the four walls of your home but after that meals were served to you by your mother, this is a space. Do you remember your boss, who will criticise you through & through, but as soon as you procure business you are appreciated, this is a space. Do you remember  reaching late to meet your friend, how  angrily your friend reacted but followed by a warm hug, this is a space & many more other instances. Space is nothing but love, affection ,reward, respect & mutual trust.

There is a very popular quote:

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