December 10, 2013

Happy Go Lucky

My dear friends you must have come across Happy Go Lucky  people in your day to day business, professional & personal dealings who just laugh away what ever you say to them. Who are these Happy Go Lucky persons.

Happy Go Lucky just laugh away whatever taunting, teasing or provoking comments anybody passes for them. Happy Go Lucky just laugh away & pocket even if anybody speaks for them any insulting, hurting, adverse remarks. Happy Go Lucky just laugh away never feel offended even if their prior meeting appointment is cancelled or postponed. Happy Go Lucky just laugh away even if  they have been told to wait for a quite long time to meet anybody despite prior appointment. Happy Go Lucky just laugh away any impulsive reaction, anger or anguish shown by anybody to them. Happy Go Lucky just laugh away any type of criticism from anybody and rather take it as a healthy criticism & try to improve. Happy Go Lucky person is full of initiative & never waits for an opportunity to come rather creates an opportunity to be a winner & always number one. Happy Go Lucky person is untiring, unstoppable, inexhaustible which never stops unless the task is completed & goal is achieved. Happy Go Lucky is a person who just laugh away the achievement, do not get bloated and immediately start preparing for the next mission. So always be Happy Go Lucky.

There is a very popular quote :

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