December 2, 2013

Zero Adamancy

Zero adamancy means total open mindedness in relation to your customers, in relation to your products , in relation to  your company and even in relation to your day to day dealings with your friends professional & personal both, with your relatives & people around you , and also be it be in your job, be it be in  your projects, be it be in your business or whichever professional field you are in.

Zero adamancy means total amiability, accommodativeness & compliance in day to day business & professional  dealings with your customers or otherwise. Zero adamancy means passivity, yielding & submissiveness by just being a good listener, good admirer, good demonstrator. Zero adamancy means cooperativeness, aggreeableness  with the customers or otherwise  by not reacting in a hurting manner rather putting forward your point of view very patiently & in a very tactical manner & winning over. Zero adamancy means consent, conformity & concurrence with your customers or otherwise ,even if you and your products are being criticised, rather demonstrating the advantages of your product line by your unmatched,unparalleled skills. Zero adamancy means utmost care, professional & personal closeness which ultimately develops into mutual faith , trust , loyalty & respect for each other both personally & professionally.

There is a  very  popular quote :

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