December 7, 2013


My dear friends people in the present, in the past and also in the future who have risen the ladder to be number one in their jobs, in their business, in their projects or whichever professional field they are Workaholics, were workaholics and will be workaholics. Workaholics who have reached to the top like Indira Nooyi Chairman & CEO PepsiCo,Jack Dorsey founder & CEO of Twitter, Julie Smolynsky CEO Lifeway Foods & many more had only just 4 hours of sleep daily because of their sheer devotion, dedication and determination .But my dear friends please do not infer that sleeping less will make us reach to the top. 

Workaholic gets up in the morning with a work in mind ; even while doing daily chores in the morning Workaholic is thinking of  which customer to be met today, which site to be visited, when to have meeting in the office, what work to be done today in the office because in Workaholic dictionary they do not have, they do not like pending work; On breakfast table Workaholic already started the conversation with the customer with regards to appointment, even the products also; Workaholic while on way to office already started connecting boss in case of job or started talking to team members in the case of business; Workaholic reaches office, site or field without idling for a second and starts days work; Workaholics have fixed leaving time in the morning, but in the evening office, site or field leaving time is never fixed because they only leave for their home only when days work is hundred percent over. Workaholic never waits for an opportunity rather creates and grab the opportunity. Workaholic gets immense happiness & satisfaction out of their work.

There is a very popular quote by Criss Angel:

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