December 7, 2013

Do not Depend

My dear friends Do not Depend on any body. Because it is  you & you only who is going to remember everything & anything about what you have planned, what you need, what you want & what you are going to inform, demonstrate & exhibit so that you achieve & accomplish what you have ultimately finalised.

Do not Depend as it mows down the vigour, vitality ,zeal & zest to fulfil your target & goal. Do not Depend as it slows down your process of achievement. Do not Depend as it inhibits your independent decision making process. Do not Depend as sometimes others ideas forces , confuses & stops you  to take the right & rational decisions. Do not Depend as it sucks your energy, your ideas, your endeavour to reach towards your objective. Do not Depend as it nullifies your independent thinking & decision making process. Do not Depend as it dilutes your concentrated efforts towards completion of your projects. Do not depend as it leads to lethargic attitude towards your day & night slogging for fulfilling your dreams. Do not depend as it will not only inculcate in you the dependence on others rather weaken your trait of acting independently. So always be independent in taking decisions, in implementing your strategies, in carrying out successfully your programmes & policies so that you are always a winner & achiever.

There is a very popular quote:

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