December 2, 2013

Self Improvement

Self Improvement is a continuous, never ending, unceasing, endless,regular & everlasting  process in your lifetime irrespective of whatsoever you are doing ; be it be in your job, be it be in your business, be it be in your projects or whichever professional field you are in; whosoever you are dealing with may be your customers, may be your professional & personal friends, may be your relatives, may be your well wishers, may be your critics; whichsoever it is for ,can be for your own self, can be for your products, can be for your own company, can be for your team members, can be for your office.

Self Improvement is a advancement, is a progress in your career especially in your job by getting higher post with higher responsibility and in your own business by increase in the turn over of your company by increasing the base of your customers in business. Self Improvement is a cultivation of calmness & coolness in  your temperament despite being in very inciting situation. Self Improvement is giving a patient hearing to your customers,to your professional & personal friends, to your relatives, to your well wishers, may be your critics even if they are harsh & hurting in their deliberation. Self improvement is never accepting or pocketing a defeat rather learning from it & converting it to a total winning stroke whenever & wherever it is possible. Self improvement is a continuous perusal of your client, customer, purchaser, buyer by meeting again & again and developing both professional & personal relation. Self Improvement is modifying, adjusting, correcting the various negative qualities like running away from hard work, not taking initiative, avoiding the achievable  and many more.
So always firmly believe in self improvement & always crave for it.

There is a very popular quote:

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