December 3, 2013

Forget & Forgive

In your day to day work you come across number of people be it be your friends professional & personal both, be it be your relatives, be it be your professional team members, be it be number of clients, be it be number of customers, be it be number of buyers, be it be number of purchasers, using very harsh, intolerable, crude, bitter language. You do not unnecessarily argue, squabble, fight,confront with anybody & everybody rather you just Forget & Forgive. Sometime when you get up in the morning & you have already have a fixed appointment, What you notice, your clothes which you have ironed previous night are totally crumbled up & your polished shoes are totally spoiled by your small kids, than you do not scold them, chide them, admonish them rather Forget & Forgive. Sometimes your parents despite you are already getting late for your office requests you to wait for few minutes & take the prescription of a doctor for purchasing their medicines, you do not get irritated rather Forgive & Forget. Sometimes when you are leaving for your work & your boss is waiting for you in the office, your spouse tells you to wait for few minutes as she is also accompanying & you drop her/him on your way to office, you do not react rather Forget & Forgive. Sometimes your very old & pet customer tells you that this time she/he will not buy your product, you do not rebuke rather Forget & Forgive & politely pursue your customer.

My dear friends  always remember that you have to Forget & Forgive quickly, promptly, immediately, instantly both in personal & professional life. It can be a harsh, intolerable, insulting words just Forget & Forgive; it can be avoiding you just Forget & Forgive; it can be disrespecting you just Forget & Forgive; it can be direct refusal to you to buy your products just Forget & Forgive. Because Forget & Forgive  keeps you calm, cool, tranquil, serene, undisturbed & mollified.

There is a very popular quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald :

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